Sunday 12th June - 10.45am – Gail Sheppard
Sunday 19th June –10.45am – Linda Hughes
Sunday 26th June - 10.45am – Lynne Stretton
Sunday 3rd July– 10.45am – Jean Wright

Dukinfield Methodist Church is a friendly, active church. We encourage all to join our church family to worship God and share in the fellowship and love of fellow Christians.
We would love to meet you and welcome you into our church community, you can contact us by phone or email, or why not come along and meet use for Sunday worship at 10.45 am or join our coffee morning on Wednesday 9.45 am to 11.15am.

Mission Statement
Our church family encourages everyone:
to come to worship God
to share together in fellowship and love
to grow as Christians
to share the good news and care for others

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A Message from our Minister
Dear Friends,
As I write this we’ve just celebrated Pentecost. I felt quite moved on the Whit Walk marching under the banner – the first time I’ve done that for over forty years – as we witnessed our faith to our community. During the course of the morning we were reminded again of the Holy Spirit coming on Jesus’ followers to fulfil his promise that they would be blessed, transformed and empowered for mission.
That promise is still relevant for us today. Pentecost marked the birth of the early church from that day in Jerusalem, as the Good News was spread – by word of mouth - by those who had been empowered by the Spirit, throughout Israel, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.
Jesus asks the same of us. The problem is we don’t always feel that same empowerment, and with it that same confidence to speak out. We sometimes even feel a reluctance to speak to each other about it, let alone to speak to people out in ‘the big wide world’ around us. And this was something that was commented on in some of the vision meetings we have held recently.
John Wesley once asked some of his Methodist followers: “Is it your desire and design to be on this and all other occasions entirely open, so as to speak everything that is in your heart, without exception, without disguise and without reserve?”
This searching question is no longer the sort of thing Methodists expect to be asked in a church context which tends to be sociable and friendly but often doesn’t go much deeper. But perhaps there are other questions which we need to ask ourselves. Why are we sometimes reluctant to talk to each other about what our faith means to us? What are the blocks in our church culture that stop

us sharing in depth about our journey as disciples in the world? How could things change so we could be like those first disciples?
We decided to address this, in the last Vision Group, by holding a series of study group meetings looking at a little book produced by the Methodist Church entitled “Time to talk of God”. These will be held on Thursdays at 7.30pm, starting on June 9th and running through the summer. The church is willing to purchase a book for all who wish to participate, so if you would like to be involved and have one, please let me know by the beginning of that week. (I will be taking the service on the 5th)
I hope you will all be keen to come along and explore ways of becoming more comfortable and confident in speaking about, and sharing, our faith.
Every Blessing Stephen

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