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Sunday 27th –10.45am – Rev Stephen Heath
Sunday 3rd - 10.45am – Ursula Loewenthal
Sunday 10th – 10.45am – Rev Julie Coates

Dukinfield Methodist Church is a friendly, active church. We encourage all to join our church family to worship God and share in the fellowship and love of fellow Christians.
We would love to meet you and welcome you into our church community, you can contact us by phone or email, or why not come along and meet use for Sunday worship at 10.45 am or join our coffee morning on Wednesday 9.45 am to 11.15am.

Mission Statement
Our church family encourages everyone:
to come to worship God
to share together in fellowship and love
to grow as Christians
to share the good news and care for others

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A Message from our Minister

Dear Friends,

I’d like to wish you all a Happy Easter, the time when we can truly proclaim “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

That for us, as Christians, is what Easter is all about.

Unfortunately we get sucked in to all the worldly bits, like chocolate eggs, and bunnies, and just enjoying ourselves because it gives us a Bank Holiday. That’s all very well but we shouldn’t lose sight of its real significance.

So just to bring us back to the reality of the event can I suggest that we continue with what we’ve been doing in the Lenten Services on Wednesday mornings and look at the Easter Story in the same way that we looked at the events leading up to it. For those of you who didn’t join us then, can I just explain that we took each event and tried to put ourselves in the place of Jesus or those disciples who were with him and contemplate what he, or they, must have sensed.

I suggest we do this for Easter in the context of Jesus’ appearance in the Upper Room.

So, in your imagination, step into the room with the disciples. Sit with them. Watch their reaction as Jesus slips into the room so unexpectedly and miraculously. Now fix your gaze on Jesus. Look at him carefully. What do you see? What do you hear him say? How do you sense he feels?

How do you feel: as, at his invitation, you gaze at his nail-pierced hands; as you see the gash in his side; as you feel him breath his own life into you; as you hear him reminding you to forgive?

Is there anything you would like to say to Jesus, the Risen One? Is there anything you would like to do? In the quietness of your heart, respond in whatever way seems appropriate to you.

In this way we might all feel a bit more of the reality of Easter, and realise it is truly a time for rejoicing.

Every Blessing,

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